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Cover art for BETWEEN DEATH AND A HARD PLACE, a woman with dark hair and black clothes standing in front of a Minneapolis cityscape; her arms are covered in tattoos that have flames coming from them

Between Death and a Hard Place

By Joe Weinberg

Urban fantasy, 17+
236 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-81-1
MSRP: $21.99 CAD paperback, $4.99 ebook
Released: October 2022

Read sample: Web - PDF


AJ Grey is a tattoo artist. And a witch. She tracks down ghosts, hunts rogue necromancers, and hangs out with demons. It’s her job to help the world keep its head in the sand about the supernatural creatures that exist all around them.

As she is working to help one particular ghost after saving her from one particular rogue necromancer, she learns something chilling. The population of witches in the Twin Cities has increased by such a margin that the other supernaturals will be forced to re-establish the balance—by way of slaughter. And she might be called upon to help them do it.

She will help the other witches, despite how much they despise her, if only to prove to them that she has good qualities and is worthy of being part of a coven. And while she’s at it, she’ll help a ghost, the ghost’s former lover, and even her demon friend, Maxine DeFleur. And hopefully, she’ll do it all without getting killed herself. But she has three days. Plenty of time, right?