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Books of Elderra

By Catherine Fitzsimmons and J. R. Dwornik

Book One: Ruins of Change

Kina Ukiel is a guide for a band of mercenaries, discovering forgotten treasures within ancient ruins. During her latest adventure she discovers a sword which has been long lost since a time when the gods themselves waged war upon each other. With Kina's world rapidly changing, she's forced to face not only the dangers that she has returned to the world, but perhaps rediscover who she is.

Released June 2011
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Book Two: Enduring Chaos

Damian Sires might have been a normal young woman, had she not been born with unnatural eyes and a dangerous gift. She has kept both hidden throughout her life from a world that condemns magic. But power is coveted by many, and when her ability begins to spiral out of control, forgotten history is reawakened.

Released November 2013
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Book Three: The Unseen Force

Damian Sires has seen the cruelty of the gods she used to worship. Now they are building an army, and most of Faneria supports its mission. Alone in her convictions, she must face a much greater foe than before, all while fighting against her own reputation.

Released June 2020
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Short stories: "Battling Old Dragons" and "Falling Feathers" in The Light Between Stars

Immerse yourself in worlds new and familiar with this anthology of all-new stories from Brain Lag authors!

Released July 2020
Formats: Paperback, ebook