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Divided Earth

Book Two of the Awakening Earth trilogy
By Dale E. McClenning

Science fiction, 14+
304 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-37-8
MSRP: $19.99 CAD paperback, $3.99 CAD ebook
Coming September 2020


Twenty-seven years ago, humanity learned that it was not alone. Aliens came to Earth in the forms of God and angels from the Bible. Claiming to have seeded the Earth with humans, they selected chosen ones to take back to their planet with them.

The visitors moved on, but humans still reel from their appearance.

Many people have turned to new alien-worshipping churches to make sense of this world-shattering event. At the top of this new religion is Valesco, head of Thee Way Church of God, but his ambitions lie far beyond preaching. He seeks to eliminate his competition, religious and secular, by any means necessary.

In South Dakota, Joseph Gint has little going for him aside from his research and a clear head. However, that clear mind and his predictions of the future are an asset even the President can't ignore. As tensions escalate between alien-worshipping and anti-alien factions, Joseph becomes embroiled in a desperate bid to save what's left of the United States. Revelation Base sets the stage for what may become a new civil war.