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Placeholder cover art for ELDERRA'S CHAMPION

Elderra's Champion

Book Three of the Sisters of Chaos trilogy
A book of Elderra
By Catherine Fitzsimmons

Fantasy, 14+
300 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-98-9
MSRP: $22.99 CAD paperback, $4.99 CAD ebook
Coming June 2023


War is closing in on all sides of the kingdom of Faneria. To the west, the Army of Light goes on a crusade to convert or destroy all those who don't follow their faith. To the east, the peoples of the Free Lands, intent on protecting their way of life, form their own army and march to meet their opponents in battle.

Yet only Damian Sires knows that the Army of Light is merely the arm of the Gods of Light, who are using the people of Elderra to fight their own war for them. As an outcast and infamous as the Witch of the Battle of Albrith, nothing she says would convince anyone that they are being manipulated into fighting.

Truth is a commodity in short supply and conflicting politics make matters more complicated. With fewer allies left than before, Damian can only resort to sabotage. Yet even she doesn't realize the extent to which the gods are meddling, and the only way to break free might be to take the fight to them.

Reviews of The Unseen Force:

"I loved the magic use and how magic was forbidden. It made the story feel more suspenseful. All in all, this was a fascinating story with an intriguing plot line." - Book Confessions of an ExBallerina

"Fitzsimmons is talented at painting scenes and immersive world-building. All the characters felt realistic and Damian's ragtag gang grew quite organically, and I liked the dynamics between them." - Notes from a Paper Plane Nomad

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