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Green Light to Paradise

By J. R. Dwornik

Light novel, 12+

ISBN: 978-1-928011-16-3
Released: August 2016

Read first chapter: Web - PDF

Paperback - MSRP $15.99
Amazon Kindle ebook - $3.99
Other ebook formats - $3.99
Audiobook - $25.00


What do you call a group of super-powered people trying to save the world?
Not heroes, thatís for sure...

Itís been over 20 years since mysterious impact points opened up, bringing forth frightening creatures and infecting certain people with strange and terrible powers. Fortunately, normal people can rest easy thanks to Sentinelóa private security force equipped to handle threats both monstrous and human.

Thereís just one problem: Kali, the daughter of Sentinel president Gregory Zakorra, is infected. Her ability has brought her nothing but bad luck and she has spent her life trying to hide it.

Then, a chance mistake pits her against the company she was set to inherit. Sentinel is up to something way off the business plan, but no one would move against humanityís saviour. Looks like itís up to Kali to become the villain the city needs.

What could go wrong?

With illustrations by four artists

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