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The Maiden Voyage of New York City

By Gary Girod

Science fiction, 13+
344 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-31-6
MSRP: $20.99 CAD paperback, $3.99 CAD ebook
Released: May 2020

Read first chapter: Web - PDF


They call it the “Manhattan Miracle.”

Half a century after the buildings of New York City sank beneath the rising seas, human ingenuity raises them up again, and the city is finally returning to prosperity... or is it?

The economy might be revitalized, but Mayor Sophia Ramos knows that the Miracle is only a stopgap solution. Crippling debt and a surge in crime from the Boroughs threatens to sink the city as surely as the waves did, and to Mayor Ramos, only an even more radical idea is the solution.

As Manhattan’s elite are targeted by a vast underground criminal empire, however, the city threatens to fall apart before she can enact its daring rescue. A world-famous gonzo journalist, an engineer who helped bring about the Miracle, and the chief of police butt heads over the mayor's solution. Meanwhile, two Boroughs cops fighting with their own demons and city-wide apathy for their home struggle to bring order into a place rapidly falling under martial law.

In the end, who will stand atop America's tallest buildings?

Praise for The Maiden Voyage of New York City:

"The crime-infested dystopian world Mr. Girod created in his novel, The Maiden Voyage of New York City, is inventive and animated. This character-driven story takes the reader on an adventure through the eyes of the haves and the have-nots, the gangsters and the protagonists who are fighting for their city and their lives. I thought the book was a dynamic contrast of innovation and classic corruption." - Dorlana Vann, author of The Trouble with Snowmen

"A gritty, scarily realistic depiction of a near-future NYC inexorably sinking under rising waves and rising crime and poverty. There were many OMG twists, and the climax was so sudden, giving me ‘Chaos Walking’ level shock – this is high praise as the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy was one of the most unpredictable series I’ve read." - Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad