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Ruins of Change

By J. R. Dwornik

Fantasy, 13+

ISBN: 978-0-9866493-2-5
Released: June 2011

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Paperback - MSRP $12.99
Amazon Kindle ebook - $2.99
Other ebook formats - $2.99

A forgotten legacy.
An ancient relic of immense power lost to time.
A danger threatening a broken kingdom.
And a treasure hunter about to rediscover who she is.


The Sword.

Kina Ukiel enjoys a life that few would dare to brave. She's found her home amidst crumbling ruins, delving into their mysteries with little more than stories for guidance. Protected by mercenaries and tasked only with finding lost treasures, Kina has begun exploring the truths lost to history.

Her latest adventure however turns up a strange sword which has been long lost since the time of Gods and Magic - an event in which the gods themselves waged war upon each other. A sword of such power is no small treasure and Kina finds herself contending with her former allies, an angered duke and the power of the gods themselves.

With Kina's world rapidly changing, she's forced to face not only the dangers that she has returned to the world, but perhaps rediscover who she is.

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