Mission Statement

To provide aspiring scifi/fantasy authors the opportunity to share their work by offering personal and professional publishing services.

At Brain Lag, we believe that unknown authors deserve the same attention and respect that best-sellers do. Talent comes from all backgrounds, and even though an author hasn't found the magic formula to allow him to get an agent or publisher, that author deserves recognition.

We give each book dedicated and personal attention. Utilizing our staff's experience with formatting, editing, graphic design, and illustration, we carefully edit the work before creating a custom interior layout and original cover illustration that best suits each project. The result is a quality book that stands out on the shelf, crafted with care that few small presses can provide.

Our obligation to the author doesn't end with the book's printing. Working with authors, we help to develop a marketing plan that suits their needs best, along with promoting the book at trade shows, conventions, and local markets.

We believe quality manuscripts can come from unknown authors, and that they can have a home at Brain Lag.

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