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Frequently Asked Questions

For Authors

>>How do I submit my manuscript for publication?
Simply review our submission guidelines and send us your manuscript!
>>What is the benefit of a small press publisher like Brain Lag?
With a smaller staff, the publication process is streamlined and harmonized, allowing for faster and smoother implementation of changes, and the ability to release books much quicker. Also, our smaller staff gives you and your book more personalized attention, and author royalty rates are higher than with Big Five publishers. We also work closer with you on all steps of the process, including cover art, interior layout, and pre-release marketing, to ensure you're as happy with your book as we are.
>>Do I have to pay you to publish my book?
No. Legitimate publishers will never require you to pay to publish your book. Ones that do are called vanity presses. Their business model lies entirely in taking money from authors and are almost invariably a scam. As with traditional publishers of all sizes, Brain Lag takes on the costs of creating the book.
>>Can I use my own cover art?
If you have any existing cover art for your manuscript, we would love to see it, but final decisions on all design elements to the book remain Brain Lag's. If we accept your manuscript for publication, then we will discuss cover art.
>>Where do you distribute books to?
Since 2017, our books have been distributed through Ingram, and are automatically included in online catalogues of major book stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo. Ebooks are distributed to major ebook retailers, including Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks.
>>How long will it take to review my manuscript?
We try to review initial submissions within one month of receipt, and complete manuscripts (when requested) within two months.

For Readers

>>How do I order a book from Brain Lag?
Purchase a book from your favourite retailer or buy directly from us on our web store.
>>How do I find out about your new book releases?
We are always sending out notices about upcoming books. You can subscribe to our news updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or sign up for our monthly mailing list.
>>Where can I find out what events authors will be attending?
We try to promote all events our authors are appearing at in the Brain Lag event calendar. Follow our social media (links at the bottom of the page) for up-to-the-minute posts about upcoming appearances. For particular authors, we recommend going to their author bio and following the links at the bottom of the page to their own website or social media.
>>What events will you be at?
Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put all in-person events on hold. However, we are still hosting and participating in online events. Check our event calendar for the most up-to-date listing of upcoming events and follow our social media for posts about them.
>>Are your books available at (insert store here)?
Since 2017, our books have been distributed through Ingram, the largest book distributor in North America, and our books should be available to order in to your local bookstore. If for some reason they are not available, please let us know.
>>Where are your books printed?
Books ordered directly from Brain Lag, either online or at a convention/festival, are printed through Rapido Books in Montreal. Printed in Canada on 100% recycled paper, these 5" x 8" books are easy to hold and read, with crisp text, high quality graphics, and smooth, crease-free spines. Books ordered through third party retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) are printed in the U.S.A. through LightningSource.