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Tinker's World

By Stephen B. Pearl

Book One: Tinker's Plague

In a not-so-distant future recovering from the depletion of fossil fuels, a sustainably-powered society tries to reintroduce the Dark Lands to modern technology using its Tinker program. But a lone tinker isn't enough to handle the outbreak of a plague from a time before the collapse of civilization...

Released April 2016
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Book Two: Tinker's Sea

When an aquatic tinker rescues a boy from a sinking ship in Lake Huron, Novo Gaia might finally have the information it needs to end the threat of a pirate marauding the Great Lakes in a nuclear-powered submarine. But with backing from a political rival, Packer won’t go down easily.

Released July 2016
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Short story: "Tinker's Toxin" in The Light Between Stars

Immerse yourself in worlds new and familiar with this anthology of all-new stories from Brain Lag authors!

Released July 2020
Formats: Paperback, ebook